Max Carletti Trio - 10AM (2015)

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Max Carletti Trio - 10AM (2015)

Max Carletti Trio - 10AM (2015)
MP3 320 kbps CBR | 66:06 min | 154 MB
Genre: Jazz | Label: Silta Records

"The new work of Max Carletti is greatly remarkable. On one handside is intentionally avoiding to get into hard experiments, on the other side there is a wish to place it within the traditional and brave intersection with the masters of the past.

In 10AM you will not hear new sounds but a new thinking. The concept behind the album is not to invent something anyhow, but a search which is functional to music. Research diving in the Trio format, in the original compositions and in the interplay among the musicians that are here deliverying a great performance" – Paolo Fresu, excerpt from CD presentation


1. 10 A.M. (6:56)
2. Guy Mochet (5:01)
3. In the Sun (4:59)
4. Almost Full Moon (5:12)
5. One Coffee, One Tea, One Soul (7:02)
6. John Me (2:55)
7. Afternoon With You (3:31)
8. Kikue's Dream (5:39)
9. Summer Walk (3:50)
10. Ten Days (4:43)
11. To My Dad (6:15)
12. All the Things We Are (5:51)
13. Quiet (4:12)


Max Carletti - guitars
Stefano Profeta - double bass
Paolo Franciscone - drums