Primoz Grasic - Introducing (trio) (1995)

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Primoz Grasic - Introducing (trio) (1995)

Primoz Grasic - Introducing (trio) (1995)
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So maybe the most important thing that jazz preserves is the right for any individual to express himself in his on terms. I think Primoz is doing just that! (N. H. 0. Pedersen)

1 Oleo / S. rollins
2 Loverman / R. Ramirez
3 I'll Remember April / G. De Paul
4 What's New / B. Hoggart
5 Just Friends / J. Klenner
6 Stella By Starlight / V. Young
7 Billy's Bounce - Au Privave / Ch. Parker
8 Late, Late B.P. Club Blues / P. Grasic


Primoz Grasic, guitar
N.H.O. Pedersen, bass
Martin Drew, drums

Let me start this short liner note with a very simple statement: in the whole history of jazz in Slovenia, there has never been greater talent than Primoz Grasic-period! Although young /born in 1968/. Primoz has a built-in sense for jazz tradition and blues, and is a good technician with a good sense of timing and above all a nice personality! In short,a really swinging cat! This CD was recorded one morning at the B. P. Club during the Springtime Jazz Fever '95 festival. All the tunes were one-takers, and the material was completed in less than three hours! Note also the fantastic sound quality of the recording-another miracle from "Chach Productions!" And let's not forget that, like me, Primoz also loves a romantic taste of Mr. Hloopich's wines-maybe that's the secret!?
Bosko Petrovic, Zagreb, May 1995.

Recording with the young guitar player Primoz Grasic remainds me that in this world some positive things can still happen between people. On this CD, for instance, you have an English drummer, a Danish bass player, and a Slovenian guitarist and we all just concentrate on what we are good at, namely playing our music together, so everything went fine.
Jazz for me is an international languaage that can be spoken by any natioon as such, but most importantly, by any individual. I think that this is very important because today it's so easy to become in trend or exclusive-or even nationalistic-by demanding to play "like this or like that, otherwise you're out!"
So maybe the most important thing that jazz preserves is the right for any individual to express himself in his on terms. I think Primoz is doing just that!
N. H. 0. Pedersen, Copenhagen, April 1995

I first met Primoz Grasic in 1993 at Bosko Petrovic's B. P. Club in Zagreb and was immediately impressed when I heard him play with the magnificent local musicians. In 1994 I played with Primoz in Ljubljana Radio Orchestra and then at the B. P. Club in Zagreb. I was knocked out with how he was able to play really great whether it was with a big band or in a small group situation. This year (1995), with Primoz, Neils Pedersen and myself, we made this CD using the B. P. Club as a studio. Although he has been a sideman on many albums, this I believe, is a debut album for Primoz under his own name. It is certainly one of the best albums that I have been involved with and shows the musical maturity and excellence that Primoz has at his command given the right circumstances. I firmly believe that this is a landmark album for Primoz Grasic the artist musician, Bosko the producer, and "Chach" sound engineer, whose expertise played a vital part in the production of this album. There is musical greatness in Croatia and Slovenia, and Primoz Grasic is a prime example of it. Here's to the next album perhaps with the amazing B. P. All Star Super Bend!!??
Martin Drew, London, April 1995

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Primoz Grasic / Introducing (trio)

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