Raoul Björkenheim / eCsTaSy - Out of the Blue (2015)

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Raoul Björkenheim / eCsTaSy - Out of the Blue (2015)

Raoul Björkenheim / eCsTaSy - Out of the Blue (2015)
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Genre: Jazz | Label: Cuneiform Records

Out of the Blue is the transporting second album by composer and guitar maestro Raoul Björkenheim and his extraordinary Finnish quartet Ecstasy. Featuring the celebrated drummer Markku Ounaskari, the young and dauntingly prolific bassist Jori Huhtala and saxophonist Pauli Lyytinen, Ecstasy has forged more than a signature sound. Over the course of five years the musicians have honed a supremely interactive modus operandi marked by unstable textures, rapidly shifting meters, and emotionally charged melodic flights. Earthy, pristine and unmistakably Nordic, the music evokes the grandeur of Finnish landscapes and the hothouse intimacy of a tight-knit Helsinki scene where the musicians regularly convene to refine their volatile sound.
"I always felt there's something special about having a band," Björkenheim says. "An all-star session can be good too, but the thing I'm missing nowadays in jazz is really good bands playing together tightly, turning on a dime together, and especially improvising together."
"Björkenheim has been well regarded since his 1980s work…but his recent releases have been particularly memorable." - Stereophile


1. Heads & Tales. 7:07
2. Quintrille. 3:40
3. A Fly In the House Of Love. 6:01
4. Uptown. 4:44
5. You Never Know. 2:41
6. OLJ. 3:21
7. Roller Coaster. 3:41
8. Zebra Dreams. 10:08


Raoul Björkenheim: electric guitar
Pauli Lyytinen: bass, tenor and soprano saxophones, mey
Jori Huhtala: double bass
Markku Ounaskari: drums