Roger Hodgson - Hai Hai - 1987

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Roger Hodgson - Hai Hai - 1987

Roger Hodgson - Hai Hai - 1987
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Genre: Progressive rock

His second album, 1987's Hai Hai, had a distinctive synthpop-oriented feel, in the vein of the mid-80s trends, but it also maintains a songwriting style true to Hodgson's standards. However, just prior to the release of Hai Hai, Hodgson fell from a loft in his home and broke both wrists, which disabled him from successfully promoting the album. He also took a long break from both touring and recording. In this time, he also turned towards a more spiritual path.

I'm astonished by some of the negative reviews for Roger Hodgson's 2nd solo album, 1987's "Hai Hai." I guess some fans feel that Hodgson should stay in his "serious rock" box and never come out. Hey, I love the dramatic, emotional side to Roger's music, but there's nothing wrong with a "serious" music artist cutting loose every so often. To MY ears, this is Roger's solo masterpiece. After the serious tone of his solo debut, "In The Eye Of The Storm," Roger decided to loosen up & make an album that was lighter, poppier and more rockin', and just plain fun. I think he succeeded brilliantly. The songs on "Hai Hai" are wonderfully catchy and upbeat, and any one of these songs could've been big hits for Roger if only they'd had the right push at radio. Favorites include the dirty rock of "My Magazine," the poppy "You Make Me Love You," the powerful pop-rock of the title song, the dreamy "Desert Love," the charming "Land Ho" (an old 1974 song Hodgson co-wrote with his Supertramp partner Rick Davies that was never issued on any 'Tramp album), and the beautiful album closer, "Puppet Dance." Yes, the album has a late-80's polish to it's production, but it works.It's very unfortunate that "Hai Hai" is currently out-of-print in the States, but it's *totally* worth getting on import. "Hai Hai" is an outstanding Roger Hodgson album, and his best solo release to date. By Alan Caylow (USA)


01. Right Place
02. My Magazine
03. London
04. You Make Me Love You
05. Hai Hai
06. Who's Afraid?
07. Desert Love
08. Land Ho
09. House On The Corner
10. Puppet Dance

All songs written by Roger Hodgson, except "Land Ho" written by Roger Hodgson & Rick Davies
Producers by Roger Hodgson and Jack Joseph Puig


Roger Hodgson - Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Synclavier drums, Synth Bass, Piano/Synths
Drums: Jeff Porcaro, Omar Hakim, Joseph Pomfret
Synth Bass: David Paich, Robbie Buchanan
Bass: Nathan East
Synths: Robbie Buchanan
Guitars: Dan Huff
Rhythm guitar: Ken Allardyce
Percussion: Lenny Castro,
Harmonica: Ken Allardyce
Backing vocals: Anni McCann, Willie Hines
Synth Programming: Steve Porcaro, Anni McCann, Eric Persing
Keyboards: Robbie Buchanan
Synclavier drums: Bruce Albertine, Albhy Galuten
Backing vocals: Clair Diament, Ken Allardyce, Anni McCann
Saxophone: Larry Williams

All songs written by Roger Hodgson, except "Land Ho" written by Roger Hodgson & Rick Davies
Producers by Roger Hodgson and Jack Joseph Puig

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