Ronnie Foster - Love Satellite (1978) {2012 SoulMusic Remastered & Expanded}

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Ronnie Foster - Love Satellite (1978) {2012 SoulMusic Remastered & Expanded}

Ronnie Foster - Love Satellite (1978) {2012 SoulMusic Remastered & Expanded}
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Jazz / Jazz Funk / Soul Jazz / Keyboards

Star musician Ronnie Foster began his recording career in 1972 after building a following for himself by performing on shows with George Benson, Grant Green and Stanley Turrentine.

A multi-talented keyboardist whose focus became the organ (inspired by the legendary Jimmy Smith), the Buffalo, New York-native cut five critically-acclaimed albums for Blue Note between 1972-1975.

In 1978, Ronnie signed with Columbia Records; his label debut LOVE SATELLITE was produced by Jerry Peters (renowned for his work with Earth, Wind & Fire, Deniece Williams, Phyllis Hyman and Norman Connors among others) and featured a bevy of top musicians including Harvey Mason on drums, Alphonso Johnson and Byron Miller on bass, Paulinho Da Costa and Ndugu Chancler on percussion and special guest Roy Ayers on vibes.

Reissued in 2012 alongside his second Columbia album Delight (SMCR-5058) by for the SoulMusic Records’ classic jazz/funk series as an expanded edition with three bonus tracks, LOVE SATELLITE (which features nine original Foster compositions) has been out of print for several years since it was first made available on CD in Japan only. The album became a U.S. top 40 jazz best-seller for Ronnie buoyed by the great response to the single ‘Midnight Plane.’

Notes by renowned U.S. writer A. Scott Galloway include quotes from a 2012 interview with Ronnie for this reissue.Press:-

“The stand-out cut is Midnight Plane, with vibesman Roy Ayers stealing the show. To emphasise the point this reissue includes the album version, the extended US 12″ mix and the two parts from either side of the seven inch single.” INFO

Ronnie Foster - keyboards, electric piano, synthesizer, percussion, vocals
Jerry Peters - acoustic piano, cowbell, background vocals
Alphonso Johnson, Byron Miller - bass
Paulinho Da Costa - tambourine, percussion, castanets
Leon "Ndugu" Chancler - percussion, timbales, cowbell
Dennis Davis, Steveland Morris (Stevie Wonder) - drums
Harvey Mason - drums, syndrums
Roy Ayers - vibraphone

Track Listing
1 - Why Don't You Look Inside
2 - A Soft Heart
3 - Happy Song
4 - Shooting Star
5 - Midnight Plane
6 - I Want to Bring My Love Home
7 - Easier Said Than Done
8 - Nassau Day
9 - Love Satellite
10 - Midnight Plane (Part 1)
11 - Midnight Plane (Part 2)
12 - Midnight Plane (12'' Version)




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