Tomer Bar - Reflections (2009)

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Tomer Bar - Reflections (2009)

Tomer Bar - Reflections (2009)
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Contemporary Jazz, Fusion | Country: Israel

The 14 year old pianist and composer Tomer Bar, is considered the "wonder child" of the Israeli jazz scene. In the festival, young Tomer will celebrate the debut of his second album "Reflections". His first album was recorded when he was only 12 years old! The album won critical applause in the Israeli media. Tomer's new album "Reflections" is characterized by complex compositions and nearly invisible passages between written and improvised music.

Tomer Bar was born on October 10th 1994 in Ramat Hasharon, Israel. When Tomer was one year old, his family moved to Jerusalem and at the age of three he started to play the drums in his father’s recording studio. In third grade he took piano lessons for a few months as part of the Jerusalem Municipality "City Plays" project, but he soon left. When he was in fourth grade, after playing around with the piano for a while, Tomer met Ittai Rosenbaum, his current teacher, a well known pianist, and piano and music teacher. This proved to be Tomer’s gateway to jazz.

Tomer also recently began studying classic piano with one of Israel’s leading classical piano teachers, Dr. Asaf Zohar. Tomer’s first concert took place in October 2006 (on his 12th birthday) at Jerusalem’s renowned Yellow Submarine club.

Just two months later Tomer recorded his debut album Memories with some of Israel’s leading jazz musicians: bassist Yoray Oron, drummer Eitan Itskovits, saxophonist Yaron Mohar and guitarist Atcha bar. "Memories" was premiered and officially released at the Israel Festival 2007.

Tomer Bar - Piano, Keyboards
Atcha Bar - Electric, Acoustic And Classic Guitars (Except 3, 6, 9, 10)
Zur Ben Zeev - Bass (Except 3, 10)
Aviv Cohen - Drums (Except 10)
Ilan Katchka - Percussion (1, 2, 4, 8)
Guy Levi - Bass (3)
Yaron Ozana - Trombone (5, 6)
Arie Burshtein - Vocal (8)
Roni Eitan - Harmonica (10)
Omri Barel : Slide Guitar (11)

Track List:
01. Winter (04:53)
02. Somewhere (05:43)
03. The Moon Has Gone (06:15)
04. Woody (06:39)
05. Nightlights (07:43)
06. 4-4-13 (04:38)
07. Remember (06:42)
08. Pat (06:16)
09. Unity Village (04:34)
10. Reflections (04:52)
11. Since I've Met You (05:14)

Tomer Bar - Reflections (2009)

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Tomer Bar / Reflections

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