Tuber - Out Of The Blue (2017)

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Tuber - Out Of The Blue (2017)

Tuber - Out Of The Blue (2017)
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Instrumental Stoner, Post-Rock | Country: Greece | Label: Neda

The Greeks have always enjoyed rock & metal music (any kind from psychedelic to heavy and black metal) and developed their own subculture over the past decades. They successfully adopted the stoner wave right from the initial ‘90s wave (see Nightstalker), plus dozens of bands continue to arise each year enjoying both local and international success (see 1000MODS, Planet of Zeus, Naxatras, Godsleep, Villagers of Ioannina City, Last Rizla, etc.). One of the groups that musically sticks out is Tuber, who followed a more electronic route, using Maserati-like grooves fueled by heavy guitars. Their debut, Desert Overcrowded was a smooth ride with simple yet cocky riffs that created a hazy, summery vibe. Four years later, its successor finally sees the light of day.

Out of the Blue isn’t an album meant to be dissected and get all elitist about it, because its purpose is to be immediately fun. It boasts that familiar ‘80s sound blending with the current rock sound (pretty much a mix of Maserati, God is an Astronaut and even some Russian Circles here and there). Tuber carved their own niche and continue to hone their chemistry without getting pretentious. This way, the guys crafted an impressive LP that is just as detailed as it is catchy. Roll with it.

Yannis Gerostathos
Yannis Artzoglou
Nickos Gerostathos
Paris Fragkos

Track List:
01. Out Of The Blue (07:06)
02. Russian (05:39)
03. Cat Class (06:47)
04. Noman (08:14)
05. Moon Rabbit (06:30)
06. Luckily Dead (07:23)