Vinc2 - By the Third Sea (2013)

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Vinc2 - By the Third Sea (2013)

Vinc2 - By the Third Sea (2013)
Ambient, Experimental, Electronica, New age | 00:49:21 | Mp3, 320 kbps | 113 Mb
Label: Fluttery Records | Year Of Release: 2013

"By The Third Sea" was born in special conditions. Some vagaries of life have slowed the progress of the project … More than ever, I put my whole soul in it. These vagaries forced me to consider this album as if it was the last … The pieces were all made 4 years ago. You will ask me: why such a long time to release this record ? Well, I tweaked it again and again … And I especially gradually acquired the real professional equipment, which finally allowed me to shape my ideas. Acquire the equipment was one thing, to exploit all opportunities was another. So I took my time to explore what allowed me to make my new "playthings". With this, I could rework tirelessly each composition to reach my personal vision of the "perfection".
The theme of the sea appeared to me only two years ago. I found the general atmosphere could remind a sea crossing alone. In addition, the video for "Fantasia" was already using this theme (it's hadn't been premeditated).
What is the "third sea"? Everyone is free to make his own opinion … I do not wish to influence the listener by revealing the images I had in mind when developing this project. But I must admit that the album cover gives a very accurate representation of the universe that I wanted to recreate.
"By The Third Sea" was originally to be minimalist but finally instruments have gradually accumulated …
In the end, the album has a very dense production and looks like a sea of ​​sounds, it feels like a slow boat rocked by the waves in the middle of a starry ocean, sometimes calm, sometimes unbridled …
The near absence of rythm was intended to strengthen the feeling of floating.
This album is a piece of life, I hope some of you will immerge into it, and that you will feel very good … Have a good listening.

01. Chanson De Soie (7:22)
02. So Long (3:37)
03. Fantasia (3:47)
04. Waiting For My Number Come (6:10)
05. Ballad In 'em (3:55)
06. Solitudes (6:02)
07. Between C And Y (4:11)
08. After Her Call (2:57)
09. Experience (1:33)
10. Loneliness Has No End (5:36)
11. New Moon (4:11)