American Woman - September 01, 2017

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American Woman  - September 01, 2017

American Woman - September 01, 2017
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Doll-Like Angel Elsa Hosk
Blonde after blonde after blonde. We might actually be overdosing on blonde bombshells coming at us left and right. Too much of something isn’t always bad for you. Especially not with this next beauty with her blonde hair blue eyes.
Swedish model Elsa Hosk is an angel who has finally spread her wings. After being named as a new angel of the famous Victoria’s Secret brand, she shot to super stardom in the fashion world almost instantly. Of course she wouldn’t have been given the coveted title if she didn’t have what it takes to become one of the sexiest women on Earth.
Her busty figure is enough to prove to the world that she is able to walk down the runway in nothing but underwear and manage to sell millions of dollars out of it. Take a look below to see if she has what it takes.

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