3D Photo Builder Professional 2.2

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3D Photo Builder Professional 2.2

3D Photo Builder Professional 2.2 | 21 MB | RS

3D Photo Builder is extremely easy and quick way of processing pictures into 360/Partial 3D Panorama. This software chooses the right edges of first and the next picture finding the common points of the overlap and after that the process of stitching begins. Such process continues till all the pictures will be stitched.
A wide range of features of 3D Photo Builder enables you not only to create 360/Partial 3D Panorama but also to send as email or publishing to web. With 3D Photo Builder you can pan, zoom and export!
You dont have to have special programming knowledge! You can use any camera you are able just to use your luxuriant imagination.
3D Photo Builder is equipped with the simple graphics editor - SmallShop. It helps you to edit series both one-by-one and the whole series at once. Among other SmallShop can resize images, change color balance, filter images.
3D Photo Builder Panorama Stitcher is of high quality, fast and absolutely automatical, manual mode is also allowed.
3D Photo Builder 3D Images Composer helps you to fill background of rotating objects with any color or graphics.
No doubt that one of the main advantages is the developed system of export images with the wide range of formats. There is a simple Scanner Wizard in the 3D Photo Builder Professional 2.2.

Rich set of processing tools.
Advanced 3D Panorama stitching
Professional 3D Image composing
Built-in full-functional graphics editor
Advanced intellectual algorithms set
Unique stitching algorithm
High quality blending algorithm
Batch stitching mode
Background online data exchange
Support of full 360 and partial panoramas
Autodetect of shooting conditions
Chroma key background removal
Convenient adjustable interface.
Hierarchical Explorer-Style tree
Drag-and-drop technology support
Specialized clipboard
Built-in Recycle Bin
Progressive storage format.
Complete and convenient help system
Effective built-in viewing tools
Built-In troubleshoot system
Variety of 3D Object types
Ready to WEB export results
Built-in WEB page editor
Web-browser preview
High-speed 3D ImageViewer applet
High-speed 3D PanoViewer applet
Multiplatform optimized format
Extended multiformat import-export system
Extended import formats set
Direct importing from a scanner or digital camera
Direct importing from a TWAIN source
Direct FTP publishing
Direct EMail publishing
Export to ZIP archive
Export to A3D screensaver format
Export to Flash, QTVR, AVI, EXE and much more!
Publishing history support