ArchiCAD 21 Build 5010 Update

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ArchiCAD 21 Build 5010 Update

ArchiCAD 21 Build 5010 Update | 1.0 Gb

BIM software developer GRAPHISOFT has released an update to ARCHICAD 21, the new release of its industry-leading BIM software solution. The latest version of ARCHICAD introduces the highly-anticipated Stair Tool, featuring GRAPHISOFT's patent-pending Predictive Design technology.

ARCHICAD 21 Update 5010:

This Update contains various enhancements and fixes since the original release of ARCHICAD 21.

- New Features
PDF Reviewer Tool connection (e.g. Adobe Acrobat, Bluebeam etc.) With this solution, we provide a complete, bi-directional workflow between ARCHICAD and any standard PDF reviewer tool, such as Adobe Acrobat or Bluebeam. The solution improves communication and collaboration among architects, engineers and other project stakeholders during PDF-based project management. Bi-directional means that all the markups created in the PDF editor can be imported back to ARCHICAD, where they are transformed into Markup entries which appear in the correct location, helping the user to understand and solve the issue.
- Link Rhino (.3dm)
We have further improved collaboration between ARCHICAD and Rhinoceros – a popular free-form modelling tool – by adding new import options. The user can link Rhino source files (.3dm) into ARCHICAD, and update, relink etc. in the usual way, similarly to the Link IFC feature introduced in ARCHICAD 21. Also, Rhino files can be imported into ARCHICAD as an Object, so the new command directly imports Rhino models into ARCHICAD’s Embedded Library as a GDL Object. This command replaces the "Rhino-GDL Converter" add-on, released for ARCHICAD 18, 19 and 20.
- Bluebeam Reviewer Tool connection (add-on product, part of US only)
This is an additional palette for the general PDF Reviewer Tool connection which contains the most important commands for bi-directional workflow between ARCHICAD and Bluebeam only.

229932 CRASH: In certain cases, ARCHICAD crashed when a user opened a project and tried to move something.
232799 CRASH: Certain default settings of the Railing Tool's Ends made it impossible to place the Railing and caused a crash.
231023 CRASH: In certain cases, the SwissTools Add-on caused ARCHICAD to crash.
230091 DOCUMENT/IES: The Interactive Schedule format of feet & fractional inch values was incorrect.
192062 DOCUMENT: Bitmap objects did not align to the camera in perspective view.
235305 DOCUMENT: Custom Drawing Titles could end up displaying the names of all drawings placed on the layout when published.
233786 DOCUMENT: Interactive Schedule add-on terminated with criteria that used the “Allow Multiple Choices” parameter.
233090 DOCUMENT: It was not possible to edit the integer type custom properties in Interactive Element Schedule.
202366 DOCUMENT: Sections, Elevations and other Views could appear on the layout with a rotation.
220598 DOCUMENT: Several Skins of Composite Structure were merged into one Skin in 2D Plan Preview of Schedules.
234561 DOCUMENT: Some drawings' status reverted back to "Needs checking" after updating them.
231510 DOCUMENT: The overridden color of the floor plan view of a stair was displayed wrong on layout.
232709 DOCUMENT: The position of the Dimension Text Anchor could not be changed from the pop-up menu.
231954 DOCUMENT: Using undo command after Layout creation led to ARCHICAD crashing upon opening the Change Manager.
232096 DOCUMENT/CRASH: ARCHICAD could crash at Layout update because of an incorrect Railing.
232815 EDIT/CRASH: ARCHICAD crashed if a schedule listed a stair which had a missing stringer profile.
233682 EDIT/CRASH: ARCHICAD crashed in some projects with meshes when sea level data was changed in the Project Info dialog.
232818 EDIT/CRASH: ARCHICAD crashed when editing a Curtain Wall with missing Panel Building Material.
233845 EDIT/FREEZE: During property transfer using syringe/pipette ARCHICAD became unresponsive, if the find and select dialog was open.
234904 EDIT/RAILING: If a railing was placed with a special method ARCHICAD could crash.
234914 EDIT/STAIR/CRASH: ARCHICAD crashed with stairs that had their boundary edited in the 3d window.
231834 EDIT/STAIR: Moving stair with Marquee stretch was not achievable.
222627 EDIT/STAIR: Stairs in Story View had incorrect contour lines.
231243 EDIT: Adjust command did not work to extend a polyline.
232759 EDIT: Classifications and properties of elements could go missing in certain files when they were opened in ARCHICAD 21.
231213 EDIT: Grid System didn't recognize Russian characters, instead it showed "?" on windows or an empty box on Mac.
232967 EDIT: Guideline grips were not available when Renovation Pallet was open, also Renovation Pallet was flickering from time to time.
235557 EDIT: If Graphic Override Rule contained Composite as criteria, the previously selected value went missing.
231695 EDIT: Graphical Overrides did not robustly work together with the Renovation filter. During drawing update Renovation filter labeled New elements could be confused with Existing elements.
232003 EDIT: Stair stringer or beam was not involved in SEO as operator element.
232395 EDIT: The Special Distribute function did not evenly distribute elements along a circle. Instead it placed them all in one spot.
231625 EDIT: When the Multiply command was used in 3D with Doors and Windows the resulting distance was incorrect.
234545 EXPORT: It was not possible to export separate elements of the stairs using "Folder" export.
234857 FILE/C4D/EXPORT: After saving a c4d file, the texture folder could go missing when the Photorendering Settings Palette was closed.
166837 FILE/DXF/EXPORT: XTMIN, XTMAX values were not exported correctly to DXF.
232525 FILE/DXF/IMPORT: In certain cases, DXF files could not be imported to ARCHICAD.
231828 FILE/OPEN: Open&Repair was made more robust.
232791 FILE/TEMPLATE: The default font was missing in the default template file in ARCHICAD 21 CZE on macOS.
232152 FILE/TEMPLATE: The default font was missing in the default template file in ARCHICAD 21 HUN on macOS.
229701 GDL: Manual Texture mapping (eg. with TEVE commands) could fail if the Object was mirrored.
234395 HIGH SIERRA: Opening the Push menu from a toolbar was crashing ARCHICAD.
232905 HIGH SIERRA: Contents of the 3D window froze when switching between 3D Styles.
232873 HIGH SIERRA: Contents of the 2D window froze after turning the 2D Hardware Acceleration off.
226969 HOTLINK: Elevation value in Hotlink Module Settings dialog was referring to different home story in case of placing multilevel hotlink.
232412 HOTLINK: Zones coming from hotlink modules were not listed in schedules if Any Hotlink was chosen in Hotlinked Module criteria.
231987 LEARNING: YouTube Channels and Online Training of different ARCHICAD versions could not be used at the same time.
229696 MODEL/CRASH: The process of converting certain material settings to the current CineRender level crashed ARCHICAD.
233437 MODEL/RAILING: Curved panels could fail to create even with 90° skewed angle.
233547 MODEL/RAILING: Railings could appear in floor plans even if they were out of range.
232631 MODEL/ZONE: Zone Number could display incorrectly in custom Zone Stamps.
233929 MODEL: A window with masonry arch was incorrectly displayed in 2d if a beam that was part of the wall the window was placed in had been used to define the hole in the wall with an SEO.
227957 MODEL: Projected 2D Floor Plan view of Doors/Windows used the wrong fill type and pens.
233689 MODEL: Sections could fail to generate content if there were overlapping breakpoints in the Section Line.
234571 MODEL: Sometimes certain segments of Railings were displayed with the wrong pens and line types on the floor plan.
231509 MODEL: The splitting of Roofs/Slabs/Beams, which are set to show on "All Stories", result in parts with different "Show on Stories" settings.
233058 STAIR: Anytime the settings of a placed stair was opened and closed, the stair shrank with the value of the Baseline offset parameter.
235430 STAIR: Magic Wand preselection didn't work with the Stair Tool.
234884 STAIR: Modifications set in the Riser Settings info box were not applied to the Riser.
231930 VIEW/3D: In the Russian localization of ARCHICAD the 3D Navigation mode hotkeys "W", "A", "S", "D" did not work.

About GraphiSoft ArchiCAD 21. The star upgrade in the ARCHICAD 21 release is undoubtedly the package’s new stair and railing tools. As any drafter or architect knows, designing stairs is fraught with challenges. Not only do strict building standards complicate stair design, but iterations of a building’s structure mean there’s a tremendous amount of tedious reworking of the stair design each time a project is modified. In ARCHICAD 21, this has all changed. According to GRAPHISOFT, drafters will now have access to automated stair design tools that work in the background to create an optimal stair configuration that’s building specific. All users need to do now is create a polyline to guide the direction of the stairs and wait for the ARCHICAD stair algorithm to offer up stair design options. Once a stair design has been chosen, an associated railing can be added with a simple single-click operation that completes the climbing feature.

Beyond the time-saving stair tool, ARCHICAD 21 also features an upgraded CineRender engine, which can be used to create photorealistic images of building interiors and exteriors.

About GRAPHISOFT. GRAPHISOFT ignited the BIM revolution in 1984 with ARCHICAD, the industry-first BIM software for architects. GRAPHISOFT continues to lead the industry with innovative solutions such as its revolutionary BIMcloud, the world's first real-time BIM collaboration environment; and BIMx, the world's leading mobile app for lightweight access to BIM for non-professionals. GRAPHISOFT is part of the Nemetschek Group.

Product: GraphiSoft ArchiCAD
Version: 21 Build 5010 Update
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page :
Language: english
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even or newer
Software Prerequisites: ARCHICAD 21 Build 3005
Size: 1.0 Gb
ARCHICAD 21 Build 3005 with Addons

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ArchiCAD 21 Build 5010 Update