Atlassian Crowd v2.3.1 (Win / Linux)

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Atlassian Crowd v2.3.1 (Win / Linux)

Atlassian Crowd v2.3.1 (Win / Linux) | 102 MB / 104 MB

Crowd is a single sign-on (SSO) application for as many users, web applications and directory servers you need — all through a single web interface.
Connect your directory servers. Put your users in Crowd. Or mix it up and do both. Change directory configurations and group memberships without touching your applications. Manage groups in your LDAP server or in Crowd. Make changes in your apps and see those changes in your directories. Or make them read-only. It's up to you.

Hook 'em up
We ship connectors for Atlassian apps, as well as a selection of other popular tools such as Subversion. Our wonderful community has contributed lots more, and if your favourite app isn't there, you can easily write a connector in your language or framework of choice.

Cloud Connectors
Provide secure access to Google Apps and OpenID-enabled sites such as Basecamp and SourceForge. Let your users move seamlessly from behind the firewall into the cloud, and retain control of accounts. Avoid giving your passwords to Google, and never forget to disable an account again.


Single sign-on

Crowd provides you with an easy-to-use framework for single sign-on (SSO) and centralised authentication.

Application Connectors
Hit the ground running with support for popular products like Apache and Subversion..

Directory Connectors
Out-of-the-box directory connectors for popular LDAP servers like Microsoft Active Directory.

Identity management
Managing users is easier when they are all in one place with Crowd's web based administration console.

Eliminate user management headaches associated with Subversion (svn) by using web based administration.

Google Apps
Connect enterprise users to Google Apps using Crowd as your secure, trusted authentication provider.

Establish a business exchange between your organisation, your users and trusted external sites and applications.

Quickly migrate your existing user infrastructure using Crowd's multi-faceted approach to data importing.