Encore Elementary Advantage 2009 for Windows

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Encore Elementary Advantage  2009 for Windows

Encore Elementary Advantage 2009 for Windows | 4.36GB

Help your child build Math skills with fun and engaging activities. Packed with lessons and exercises from Elementary School to High School, each designed to prepare students for success in state standards testing.

Build fundamental skills with Basic Math, including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Expand your horizons with Pre-Algebra, Algebra and Geometry. Prepare for High School and College with Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus and Statistics.
Students also receive Microsoft® Excel Tutor for the PC, a student organizer and iPod® study materials. After School Extras include music downloads, ringtones and mobile games. Also perfect for adults who want to brush up on Math.

The Math Advantage Edge:
PC/Mac hybrid for the first time ever
All on DVD – no more disc swapping
Improved user experience with an all-in-one installer that makes using the programs easy

Student Benefits

Master the Fundamentals
Overcome Challenging Topics
Realize Academic Potential
Prepare for College

Basic Math
Detailed explanations and creative lessons will make it easy to grasp key concepts and develop a strong math foundation.
Counting Techniques
Factor Trees
Fractions & Decimals
Perimeter & Area
Systems of Measurement

Get a head start on Algebra with an engaging introduction to algebraic symbols, variables and expressions.
Mixed Numbers
Ratios & Proportions
Scientific Notation
Order of Operations
Formulas & Substitution

Algebra I & II
An engaging 3D interface and easy-to-understand examples help algebraic concepts come to life.
Expressions & Equations
Absolute Values
Lines, Slopes & Intercepts
Proportions & Inequalities
Polynomials & Functions

Learn and apply Geometry concepts at your own pace with a detailed lessons and follow-up activities that reinforce learned skills.
Reasoning & Equality
Lines & Angles
Circles & Triangles

Experience an interactive learning environment featuring self-paced lessons and illustrated activities that teach the fundamentals.
Complex Numbers
Polar Coordinates
Degrees & Radians
Exponents & Logarithms
Statistics & Probability
Learn how to collect, analyze and present masses of data in a clear and concise manner.
Mean, Median & Mode
Standard Deviation
Sampling Theory
Correlation & Regression
Plots & Graphs

Master the fundamentals of Calculus through simplified explanations and examples.

Limits & Continuity
Sequences & Series
Common Graphs
Functions & Equations

Burn each .ISO file to DVD and install.

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