EMSS FEKO Altair HWU 7.0.2

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EMSS FEKO Altair HWU 7.0.2

EMSS FEKO Altair HWU 7.0.2 | 1.7 Gb

Altair Engineering, Inc., a leading global provider of simulation technology and engineering services that empowers client innovation and decision-making, launches update of EMSS FEKO Altair HWU is a comprehensive electromagnetic simulation software tool for the electromagnetic field analysis of 3D structures. It offers multiple state-of-the-art numerical methods for the solution of Maxwell’s equations, enabling its users to solve a wide range of electromagnetic problems encountered in various industries.

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EMSS FEKO Altair HWU 7.0.2

EMSS FEKO Altair HWU 7.0.2

About FEKO

In 1994, after completing their PhDs at the University of Stellenbosch, Gronum Smith and Frans Meyer established EM Software & Systems, a company consulting in electromagnetics. EMSS quickly identified the local and international need for the simulation of antennas on electrically large platforms. A hybrid solution between the accurate method of moments and asymptotic high frequency techniques promised to be an elegant and practical solution. Cooperation between EMSS and Ulrich Jakobus, who did research on these hybrid techniques at the University of Stuttgart, followed and resulted in the commercial code FEKO.

In 2014, EM Software & Systems–S.A. closed a deal with Altair, with Altair acquiring 100% of the company and its international distributor offices in the United States, Germany, and China. This development will see FEKO eventually being added to the HyperWorks suite.

Name: EMSS FEKO Altair HWU
Version: (64bit) 7.0.2
Interface: english
OS: Windows / Linux
Size: 1.7 Gb

EMSS FEKO Altair HWU 7.0.2

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