Interpex IX2D-GM v1.02

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Interpex IX2D-GM v1.02

Interpex IX2D-GM v1.02 | 3.3 MB

IX2D is an interactive 2-D gravity and magnetics forward modeling and inversion package based on polygonal models which can be truncated asymmetrically along strike. It is basically a port of MAGIX XL to Windows, complete with translation of MAGIX functionality to a true Windows interface.

Features Include:
  • Real-time forward modeling while moving vertices, moving or rotating bodies.
  • Inverse modeling with selected parameters.
  • Control over free parameters.
  • Locking together of vertices.
  • User friendly prevention of illegal bodies.
  • Hotkeys allow quick changes to graphics - show locks, free vertices or color fill.
  • Toolbar buttons offer quick access to most-used functions.
  • Virtually no limit on size of data or model.
  • Automatic and user-specified labels.
  • User-specified line colors.
  • Annotated color fill for body parameters.
  • Spreadsheet data editors with copy & paste.
  • Spreadsheet model editors.
  • Optional grid lines on display.
  • ASCII File import and export of data, synthetics and models.
  • Import of MAGIX Plus/MAGIX XL files.

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