Luxion Keyshot Pro / Animation / KeyShotVR 5.2.10 (x86/x64)

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Luxion Keyshot Pro / Animation / KeyShotVR 5.2.10 (x86/x64)

Luxion Keyshot Pro / Animation / KeyShotVR 5.2.10 (x86/x64) | 476/497 MB

KeyShot 5 brings new features to the fastest 3D rendering and animation system available. With news ways to discover and share resources through the KeyShot Cloud, create product variations through Instancing, captivate with new animation tools or apply accurate Sun & Sky lighting to imported NURBS geometry, KeyShot is your key to creating amazing shots.

KeyShotVR is a patent-pending technology that brings the advantage of interactive 3D-enabled viewing via desktop, laptop or mobile device to produce portfolios, presentations and collateral for design reviews. Product designers, marketers and KeyShot users who want to extend the presentation of their visuals are able to create the high-quality, ray-traced 3D content directly from inside KeyShot. KeyShotVR is an integrated add-on to KeyShot Pro that automatically generates the code to be embedded into any website or company intranet, making it a turnkey solution for web content creation.

Features & specifications

KeyShotVR (KeyShot)
• 5 possible VR types: Turntable, Hemi-spherical, Spherical, Tumble, Custom
• Set starting angle interactively
• Set horizontal / vertical frames including start and end angle for custom VR
• Realtime feedback when setting up the VR – play back, tweak, etc. for desired result
• Compression Quality control – keeps digital footprint small while ensuring highest quality images
• Control over zoom
• Adjustable rotation damping
• Support for render in background, render queue, network rendering
• Support for render queue
• Support for Network Rendering
• Unlimited output resolution
• Output: jpeg, png
• Floating license feature – KeyShotVR can be checked out separately when checking out a floating license.

KeyShotVR (Web browser):
• Progressive loading of images – rotate images as soon as they start loading
• Support for zoom in/out
• Touch enabled – rotate, zoom, pan
• Customizable settings to adjust user experience: rotation damping, mouse sensitivity, zoom in/out, start frame, LOD
• Customizable play and resize buttons
• Automatic upload to FTP server

KeyShot Animation

A revolutionary, real-time animation system that gives you the power to create animated visuals as easy as creating your KeyShot renderings.

Luxion’s revolutionary new patent-pending 3D Animation system brings a whole new level of creating animations quickly and easily to your product development pipeline. KeyShot doesn’t rely on inserting and managing keyframes. Instead, apply individual transforms (rotations, translations, etc.) to set up new animations with a click of button, and update materials and lighting as the animation plays.

KeyShot Animation Features
• Animation transform offsets (patent pending): Rather than relying on keyframes, KeyShot relies on individual object and camera transform offsets that can be combined, copied and linked to deliver a fully featured animation.
• Single application and environment: The animation capabilities have been built directly into KeyShot.
• Animation in a realtime raytraced environment: Setup, edit, and playback inside realtime raytraced environment, just like when setting up a scene in realtime for still image creation.
• Realtime Interaction: Full interaction with camera, lighting and materials during animation playback.
• Animation wizard: Step by step guide for first time users
• Copy and paste: Animations can be copied from one object to another and linked
• Helper objects: Select any part or assembly as rotation center
• Camera animation types: Orbit, Incline, Zoom, Translate
• Part and object animation types: Turntable, Rotation, Translation
• Fast preview output: AVI, MPEG
• High quality render output: AVI, MPEG, Flash, individual frames including Alpha channel

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