Magix Samplitude Pro X2 Suite v13.1 Build 131 Multilanguage

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Magix Samplitude Pro X2 Suite v13.1 Build 131 Multilanguage

Magix Samplitude Pro X2 Suite v13.1 Build 131 Multilanguage | 770 MB

Samplitude Pro X2 Suite combines the outstanding features of Samplitude Pro X2 audio workstation with a first-class add-on package. Exclusive to this package are the Analog Modelling Suite Plus, Vandal guitar and bass amplifier, the Independence Sampler Workstation (includes a 70 GB Premium Library), as well as Loudness Metering in accordance with EBU R128/ITU-R BS.1771.

Advantages in Samplitude Pro X2 Suite
- Analogue Modelling Suite Plus
- Independence Sampler with a 70 GB library
- Cleaning & Restoration Suite incl. Spectral Cleaning dialog
- Vandal full version: Virtual guitar & bass amplifier
- Four additional virtual instruments
- Loudness metering EBU R128
- True Peak Limiter for sMax11

Some Users have trouble with the included Patchers of the previous
Main-Release. The reasons for that could be:

- They don't have installed the Microsoft NET Framework.

- They DON't apply the Patch with full Admin rights.
[Thats the most FAIL by users, many times thexy think having
Admin-State but they doesn't have. This happens a lot if they
use a File-Manager (eg. Total Commander) who is not rrally in
stalled or wrong configured, instead of the Systems Explorer
as Admin. IF: you drop a .exe into Smileys Face and NOTHING
happens (you see only the CROSS as ICON but not a Fail Message
etc. THEN you 100% NOT have Full Admin rights]

To the Origoinal Magix Installer
[Some one's seems ALSO have trouble to get the Setup proper
to run, i just can say: that's not in my force, make your
request about this at the Magix Service Center support ;) ]

… how ever, on the most PC's the Patchers run without any tr
ouble as i know and wrtote, but anyway i decide to release the
Cracked Files seperately ONLY, for those with the Problems des-
cribed above!


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