Mechanical Expressions 1.1.11

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Mechanical Expressions 1.1.11

Mechanical Expressions 1.1.11 | 24.1 Mb

Mechanical Expressions is a symbolic mechanics program. Create a model, specify the geometry using symbolic constraints, add velocities, masses and force elements, and then extract mathematical expressions for output velocities, accelerations and forces.

Copy expressions for input into a mathematics system like Mathematica, or copy them as Tex, MathML, or computer source code (in 9 languages). Or, create an HTML5/Javascript app, allowing you to communicate your design intent as an interactive, single-file web page that you can email to your colleagues or post on your web site. You'll quickly discover that Mechanical Expressions is truly a new breed of software.

Operating System: Windows 7, 8/8.1, 10

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