PDE Solutions FlexPDE 7.07

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PDE Solutions FlexPDE 7.07

PDE Solutions FlexPDE 7.07 | 36.7 mb

PDE Solutions Inc. has released FlexPDE 7.07, is a general-purpose software for obtaining numerical solutions to partial differential equations in 2 or 3 dimensions. It is based on the Finite Element Method. FlexPDE can solve steady-state or time-dependent problems; eigenvalue analysis; and free boundary problems.

Version 7.07 (Date: 09/29/17)

- Switch to use shared instead of static cURL library.
- Add diagnostic of TABLE references outside defined range.
- Corrects various errors in .pgx viewing.
- Corrects an error in processing mixed time-space derivatives.
- Improves cell inclusion in ZOOM plots.
- Enforces FIXDT during start up.
- Corrects some intermittent timing errors in threaded execution.
- Improves reliability of TRANSFER references in presence of discontinuities.
- Eliminates occasional erroneous rejection of auto-saved initial meshes.
- Eliminates occasional overly zealous matrix mismatch diagnostic.
- Corrects a display error in the License Agreement on Mac.
- Corrects the font and font color selectors on Mac.
- Corrects tab display errors on Mac.

FlexPDE 7 User Manual Version 7.07 (09/29/17): here

About PDE Solutions FlexPDE. FlexPDE is a ”scripted finite element model builder and numerical solver”. By this we mean that from a script written by the user, FlexPDE performs the operations necessary to turn a description of a partial differential equations system into a finite element model, solve the system, and present graphical and tabular output of the results. FlexPDE is also a ”problem solving environment”. It performs the entire range of functions necessary to solve partial differential equation systems: an editor for preparing scripts, a mesh generator for building finite element meshes, a finite element solver to find solutions, and a graphics system to plot results. The user can edit the script, run the problem and observe the output, then re-edit and re-run repeatedly without leaving the FlexPDE application environment. FlexPDE has no pre-defined problem domain or equation list. The choice of partial differential equations is totally up to the user. The FlexPDE scripting language is a ”natural” language. It allows the user to describe the mathematics of his partial differential equations system and the geometry of his problem domain in a format similar to the way he might describe it to a co-worker.

About PDE Solutions Inc. PDE Solutions Inc. was incorporated in 1995 by the former development staff of SPDE, Inc., creators of the PDEase software package. The purpose of the company is exclusively to provide computational support for the solution of partial differential equation systems in engineering and science.

Product: PDE Solutions FlexPDE
Version: 7.07
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page :
Language: english
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP or newer
Size: 36.7 mb
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PDE Solutions FlexPDE 7.07