Phantasm CS Studio 2.5 for Adobe Illustrator

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Phantasm CS Studio 2.5 for Adobe Illustrator

Phantasm CS Studio 2.5 for Adobe Illustrator | 12.6 MB

The Phantasm CS family of tools is designed specifically for Adobe Illustrator® and integrates perfectly for a seamless experience when adjusting, controlling or checking color in your documents. Tools work with all embedded objects including vector shapes, text and images. Each function seamlessly integrates with all features present in Illustrator including standard gradients, meshes, filters and effects. Phantasm CS is available in three levels; Phantasm CS, Phantasm CS Designer and Phantasm CS Studio. For an overview of the features available in each edition, please refer to the feature matrix. For a more detailed list of features, please look at the feature list page.

All the color control tools you come to expect of a professional design package can now be found in Adobe Illustrator® thanks to the Phantasm CS range. Add the ability to adjust colors by Brightness/Contrast, Hue/Saturation, Curves, Levels and more. Each tool has a familiar user interface and the major tools allow settings exchange with Adobe Photoshop®.

Each tool adjusts color to a professional level catering for RGB and CMYK documents and handling any spot colors correctly. By applying the color change as a live Effect, it is possible to adjust, combine, re-stack and remove any changes at any stage of the design process. Advanced options available on all relevant filters and effects gives professionals the ability to ensure exact print-ready results. Options include "Safe CMYK" ensuring ink levels comply with document color settings, overprint removal, rich to pure black conversions, and more.

With the introduction of Phantasm CS Designer and Phantasm CS Studio, new filters and effects have been introduced to provide additional creativity options.

Whereas standard color-adjustment tools such Curves and Levels don't fundamentally alter the artwork, simply the colors, the Duotone and Halftone filters and effects reconstruct the artwork to produce wonderful results. Duotones (which also refer to monotone, tritone and quadtone) are most commonly found in Adobe Photoshop®; it is now available natively in Illustrator with the ability to modify all embedded objects including vector, text and images whilst maintaining all vector/bitmap attributes. Allowing a mix of process and spot colors, the resultant artwork is high quality commercial print-ready.

The Halftone filter/effect produces a range of stunning vector-based results, from standard dot types to custom Illustrator Symbols-based creations. Faithful to the original artwork (RGB or CMYK including spot colors), the level of adjustments possible ensures creative freedom.


- Duotone Filter and Effect
- Vector Halftone Filter and Effect
- Swap Channels Filter and Effect
- Temperature/Tint Filter and Effect
- Quick Separation preview
- Overprint Preview - highlight objects set to overprint
- Ink Coverage - stop over-inking issues
- Full Separations
- In-line embedded image editing
- Spot channel control in Curves and Levels Filters and Effects
- Save and manage options settings
- Additional spot color object and bitmap type selection
- Actions-compliant Phantasm CS Filter functions and object selection
- Maintain function window positions between sessions
- Automatically hide edges when editing colors (Illustrator CS3 only)
- And more…

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