Portable Rapidshare Inspector

Posted By: brinker
Portable Rapidshare Inspector

Portable Rapidshare Inspector | 4.61 MB

Do you have a premium or collector account?
Did you ever wonder about how many premium points per hour or per day you are collecting?
Did you ever asked yourself if you will have enough premium points to extend your account just before the time of expire?
Did you ever waste time to check if all of your files are still present or which one is missing?
Do you want to stop to delete your premium accounts' old files?
If so, maybe this software is the right software for you.


“RapidShare Inspector” periodically connects to your RapidShare premium account page to collect your account information, performs some statistical analysis on them, then it shows all these information in a compact, nice and easy to read layout.

Long awaited version of “RapidShare Inspector” is now able to handle special chars in password (’=', ‘%’, …), manage multiple accounts and cycle them in automatic query mode, filters files based on folders and load some accounts information from database at startup and save the column user to sort files (and the order) in Files Report list.

“RapidShare Inspector” warns you if your increase rate is not enough to reach bonus line before expiry

“RapidShare Inspector” keeps you discreetly informed on your premium points amount, increment rate and lost files

“RapidShare Inspector” monitors all your uploaded files life signs so you don’t have to waste your time, now with brand new “Files report v.2.1a” (color codes, folders filter, file filters, column order saved to registry, database purge, syncronized refresh, compact mode [panel hide] and more!!!)

“RapidShare Inspector” has better context menu that now allow lost files check.

New “Files report v.2.1a” now save the column used to sort files and the sort order and it reload these details at startup.

Of course, it still has the enhanced “files list” context menu of previous version