Recovery Toolbox for DWG Portable

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Recovery Toolbox for DWG Portable

Recovery Toolbox for DWG Portable Multilingual | 5.2 MB

Recovery Toolbox for DWG is an advanced data repair tool for damaged AutoCAD *.DWG files. The program allows you to restore data from a corrupted AutoCAD drawing project in a few simple steps. Simply follow the instructions and wait for the program to analyze the damaged file, identify recoverable resources, and export recovered objects into a new AutoCAD project.

Features of AutoCAD DWG Repair Tool:

Recover all versions of *.dwg files created using AutoCAD 2000/2004/2007/2010 and higher
Preview of recovered objects with zoom, move, and rotate functions
No special skills required
Automatic detection of version of *.dwg files
Additional functions for more correct data recovery
Export recovered data directly into AutoCAD
Select AutoCAD version for export, if several versions of AutoCAD are installed
Multilanguage interface

How to Repair Corrupted DWG files of AutoCAD with Recovery Toolbox for DWG?
How to recover DWG file? DWG is the primary format used by AutoCAD, the most popular computer-aided design application in the world. Used by millions of designers, engineers, architects, scientists, researchers and other professionals, this software helps create the world as we know it - from buildings, planes and cars to furniture and kitchen appliances. And since each file created in AutoCAD requires countless hours of highly skilled labor, data corruption can quickly become a problem of an immense scale. The .DWG recovery tool open damaged project and export data into new drawing. The DWG recover tool don not use libraries of AutoCAD for reading of files.

How to recovery DWG file? The recovery process of Autocad recovery tool itself may take some time, depending on the size of the damaged file and the performance of your system. For your convenience, you can minimize the program window and attend to other tasks - the recovery dialog will reappear on the screen once the recovery process is over. The corrupt .dwg recovery utility allows you to preview the content of the file being recovered before saving it - you can move, rotate and zoom in and out of the scene using the keyboard and/or mouse buttons.

The DWG file recovery tool box exports the extracted data directly to AutoCAD. If you don't have it installed, you will see a corresponding notification. If you have several versions of the software installed on the same system, the DWG repair tool will let you choose the one the data should be exported to. A detailed log of the recovery process is shown on the very last step of the wizard.

If the DWG file being recovered was damaged very seriously and Recovery Toolbox for DWG fails to restore any data in the automatic mode, you can always use the Send source file command from the main menu to email the file to the creators of the program. Upon receiving the file, they will analyze the structure of the file and will attempt to recover your data manually, of which you will be notified shortly (AutoCAD recover dwg corrupt file). The developers will also use this opportunity to enhance the data recovery algorithms used by the program.

Recovery Toolbox for DWG (Autocad recover corrupt Autocad files) is an excellent recovery tool offering speed, stability and compatibility with different versions of DWG files for a price anyone can afford. If you are interested in giving it a test drive, feel free to download a free trial version of DWG restore software!

- Our software support export a recovered data into AutoCAD 2000 or higher.
- Our software cannot export a recovered data into AutoCAD LT. OLE Automation are blocked in AutoCAD LT.

Despite the remarkable simplicity of the program, we have created this usage manual to help you use the program more efficiently. Please read it attentively before contacting our technical support department - your question may have already been answered in this document. If you, however, have problems with the program, please don't hesitate to contact us - we will be glad to assist you.

OS : Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10 or Windows Server 2003/2008/2012 and above
Language : Multilingual

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