Sonic Projects OP-X PRO-II v1.2.5 WiN / OSX

Posted By: orientazure
Sonic Projects OP-X PRO-II v1.2.5 WiN / OSX

Sonic Projects OP-X PRO-II v1.2.5 WiN / OSX | 4 Mb / 10 Mb

OP-X PRO-II is the new top flagship of the OP series offering many new and extended features inspired by requests from users we have collected over the years as well as own new ideas. Due to its countless sound shaping features and flexible voice management the range of possible sounds reaches from early monophonic synths over classics like OB-X and Jupiter-8 up to Matrix-12.

The synth is supercharged with features inspred by a wide variety of classic analog synths and so it isn't limited to emulating only one specific synth. Check the audioclips above to get an impression of its huge variety. Dependent on the settings it can sound close to an Oberheim, a Jupiter-8, a Prophet-5 or even a Minimoog. It's flexible voice engine featuring a separate pannable mono synth for each voice allows to include or exclude any voice of choice which can make it a Matrix-12 like polyphonic monster synth, a classic four voice synth or even a simple innocent mono synth. Its morphable state variable multimode filter offering switchable 12/24db slope and switchable self oscillation allows to achieve almost any thinkable color since everything including the modes is seamlessly blendable.