Toon Boom Software Collection 2010

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Toon Boom Software Collection 2010

Toon Boom Software Collection 2010 | 1.62 GB

List Toon Boom Software Collection 2010:

Toon Boom Digital Pro v7.3.2.4250:

To bring the Toon Boom professional product line into the next generation of animation technology, Digital Pro will now be called Animate Pro. Professional customers can access leading-edge animation software all powered by Toon Boom.

Toon Boom Digital Pro is the only complete paperless animation software. Designed for professionals and freelancers alike Toon Boom Digital Pro offers high productivity with low operating costs. Based on our Emmy award-winning technology, Toon Boom Digital Pro combines superior vector technology for content creation, real-time animation and compositing stages, all set in a multi-plane 3D space environment.

Productivity tools such as palette management, lip-sync, morphing and inverse kinematics enable users to unleash their creativity. Toon Boom Digital Pro comes with kick-start programmes to ensure successful and seamless studio integration, extensive training material and reliable customer support. Toon Boom Digital Pro is the tool of choice for animation projects ranging from the simplest to the most detailed, from digital to complete cut-out styles.

Designed for Paperless Animation

Based on over a decade of animation production expertise, Toon Boom Digital Pro includes all of the most advanced features used by the leading studios worldwide.

Perfect Upgrade for Flash Animators

Toon Boom Digital Pro brings users to a new level of creativity and productivity, thanks to true animation tools and field-proven workflows.

High Productivity with Low Operating Costs

Compared to current production workflows, Toon Boom Digital Pro significantly reduces the operational costs with its integrated pipeline, leading-edge toolset and paperless production. These savings can be realized whether the production is an independent short or a feature length film project.

Supported by Animation Experts

Providing the best support in the industry, Toon Boom Animation personnel delivers customized kick start programmes, professional consulting services and timely support in several languages. The support team are experts in all animation styles and production workflows.

PLATFORM: Windows XP/Vista

Toon Boom StoryBoard Pro v8.6.1.4709 SP1 Retail:

Truly completing the production pipeline, Toon Boom Storyboard Pro helps you take an idea and translate it into a visual story that will become a complete production, whether animated or live-action. Developed in conjunction with professional storyboard artists, Storyboard Pro speeds up production planning and enables you to reach new heights with increased production integration. Its advanced features make it the tool of choice to create an entirely digital storyboard.

Ease of use
Storyboard comes with an intuitive interface presenting either an elegant traditional panel window layout or an overview window layout. Storyboard mimics the traditional storyboarding process. Packed with video training material, Storyboard only requires few hours to be up and running.

Rich drawing toolset
Create art directly inside Storyboard with true WYSIWYG vector based drawing tools with pressure sensitivity connected with your tablet. Preserve your own style with ink brush, air brush or crayon texture brush. Use vector text tools with word processing and paragraph options for overlay comments.

Create camera motion
Storyboard comes with an integrated camera tool. Define start and end camera position, zoom and rotation on-the-fly. Result oriented, Storyboard includes industry standard safeties with constant reference to regular 4:3 ratio on widescreen project.

No need to draw
Storyboard allows everyone, from amateur to professional alike to build boards, shot lists, complex shot sequences and any idea imaginable simply by importing digital images into Storyboard or by using the template library.

Real-time storyboard revision
Storyboard intuitive drag and drop interface lets you reorder all your panels on-the-fly. With the overview workspace, you can view the story flow as if you were pinning your drawings on a wall. Storyboard allows you to red line, add reviews fields and record audio comments.

Share work instantly
Export ePaper for printing or emailing your storyboard using advanced PDF support and secure your work by activating password protection. Define as many layouts as you want. Deliver the same storyboard in different formats to your audience with the click of button.

Toon Boom Studio v5.0.1.13592:

Experience the infinite possibilities of 2D animation. Toon Boom Studio 5 is a 2D animation software ideal for students and hobbyists looking for an easy-to-use, multi-technique animation program.

Key Software Features

Draw, scan, capture or import artwork and video
Paint artwork using advanced tools
Lip-sync mouth movement to voice tracks
Animate using motion paths
Access libraries to use and reuse content
Create multi-plane camera movements
Apply Feather Edge and Drop Shadow effects
View animation in real time
Publish to print, web
(Facebook, YouTube, SWF, QT), TV, video, and iTunes

Key Educational Features
Annotation Layers for easier feedback and communication
New multi-discipline project based curriculum

Recommended Configuration:

3 GHz Intel® / AMD® processor
Microsoft® Windows® 7 or Vista
Monitor supporting 1280x1024 resolution
Video card supporting Direct3D
or OpenGL with 128 MB RAM
Wacom® Digital Drawing Tablet (optional)
Free QuickTime® Player
Free Adobe® Reader

Toon Boom Animate Pro V7.7:

A new program for animation Toon Boom Animate Pro, designed for professional animators. Toon Boom Animate Pro is part of a modular network software solutions Harmony used to create traditional, paperless and cut-out animation.

Program ToonBoom Animate contains a set of vector drawing tools, brushes, the appearance of which can be defined textures, and a library of ready elements that can be inserted into their projects. Toon Boom Animate Pro supports morphing, inverse kinematics, lip synchronization character with sound files, and also contains tools for compositing and working with virtual cameras. Working with the program, you can import files MOV, SWF, PSD, AI and PDF, scanned images, and export finished projects in MOV and FLV, as well as perform visualization in different formats.

Toon Boom Animate Pro supports morphing, inverse kinematics, lip synchronization character with sound files, and also contains tools for compositing and working with virtual cameras. Working with the program, you can import files MOV, SWF, PSD, AI and PDF, scanned images, and export finished projects in MOV and FLV, as well as perform visualization in different formats.
The company Toon Boom Briton dies out new versions of Toon Boom Animate Pro - a set of tools for creating professional 2D and 3D animation with options of scanning, compositing, and 50 built-in effects, and Toon Boom Manager - tool for tracking with the ability to monitor the production process in real time.

Harmony - a groundbreaking initiative designed to create professional animations. The program includes many unique features and enhance productivity and promote creativity. Software package developed in close cooperation with leading animation studios and the most effective in creating animated series and feature animation. The program allows several animators to work the stage and to use common sets of libraries.

System requirements:
2GHz Intel ® Pentium ® Dual-Core processor
1 GB of RAM (Minimum), 2 GB (Recommended)
300 MB of available hard disk space for the software
NVIDIA ® Video card fully supporting OpenGL with 128 MB of RAM
Monitor supporting 1280 x1024 resolution
Wacom tablets for drawing (Optional)

Year: 2010
Developer: Toon Boom Animation
OC: Windows XP/Vista/7
Language: English