ZD Soft Screen Monitor 2.3

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ZD Soft Screen Monitor 2.3

ZD Soft Screen Monitor 2.3 | 4 Mb

ZD Soft Screen Monitor is an easy-to-use software product that enables you to see what is happening or happened on one or more remote computer(s) over a Local Area Network (LAN). It's lightweight (only 3.x MB) and based on point-to-point model that only has a client program and a viewer program. No server is required so it's cost-effective and bandwidth-saving.

The client program needs to be installed on the remote computers, while the viewer program needs to be installed on your/observers' computer(s). You use the viewer program to connect to a remote computer to watch its live screen or screen playback. The client program records screen activities continuously 24/7 with extremely low CPU usage. The screen recordings are highly compressed motion videos - not just some screenshots - so the data size is fairly small and the playback is very smooth. The screen recordings can be kept for 30 days or more, depending on your settings and the remote computer's disk space. In the viewer program you maintain a watch list of remote computers. You can watch multiple remote computers at the same time, and one remote computer can accept multiple viewers concurrently. You can watch screen playback at normal speed to study what happened exactly in the past, or at super-fast speed to go through the daylong screen activities in a few minutes to have a glance at what was done. Furthermore, you can trace the use of a certain application easily by clicking the application marks on the playback progress bar. And you can find out what the most used applications are by viewing a pie chart of top 10 apps' statistics. In addition, ZD Soft Screen Monitor has a simple messaging feature that enables you to pop-up short text messages need immediate attention on one or more remote computers. With all these cool features, there can be various application scenarios such as employee computer monitoring, student computer monitoring, parental control, IT security enhancement, software/website usability testing, software testing & debugging, knowledge base building, staff training, workflow reviewing and productivity boosting.

- General-purpose computer monitoring - not limited to any protocols
- Point-to-point computer monitoring - no central server is required
- 3 ways to deploy client program - local, remote and group policy
- 24/7 continuous screen recording - never lose any details
- 20 fps video screen recording - not just some screenshots
- Super-fast screen playback - review daylong recording in minutes
- Auto application marks - review the use of an application easily

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