Bentley GEOPAK Rebar

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Bentley GEOPAK Rebar

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GEOPAK Rebar is the de facto standard for reinforced concrete detailing and scheduling. It dramatically reduces project costs and streamlines processes in the structural design office. It addresses a diverse range of structure types, from buildings, foundations and bridges to industrial and marine structures. GEOPAK Rebar is used on projects ranging in size from standard interstate overpasses to massive-scale rail projects. This highly flexible software offers unprecedented design drafting capabilities and supports detailed reinforcement layouts. Automatic features for monitoring and updating reinforcement help you respond quickly and efficiently to last-minute design changes. GEOPAK Rebar ensures accuracy of design, quantities and resulting plans–regardless of the level of drafting alteration. Sophisticated clash detection and intelligent bar-shape analysis and charting capabilities round out this powerful detailing and scheduling system.

Bentley GEOPAK Rebar

Powerful, dynamic tools remove bottlenecks in the drafting department:

* Start work on your reinforcement drawings before final
design sizes are determined.
* Save time and eliminate manual entry with fully automated
labeling and charting capabilities.
* Eliminate recalculations and improve design quality with
dynamic dimensioning.
* Easily determine reinforcement conflicts with 3D models
and fly-throughs.