Instant Translate - Translator Premium v3.2.2

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Instant Translate - Translator Premium v3.2.2

Instant Translate - Translator Premium v3.2.2 | Android | 2 MB

With Instant Translate: Translator, you can speak and translate words and phrases between over 90 languages, use text-to-speech and browse through already-done translations in the history.

Key features:
- 90+ languages supported
- text-to-speech for translations
- offline history of translations
- transliteration of translations
- speak and translate

Offline history:
- You may find convenient and addictive the way how history of the translator is implemented: it's right above the current translation, thereby, to access all the data you translated earlier you simply need to scroll a bit up. To find older translations, you can use the search field in the top bar.

If you don’t need to save translations, you can disable history in settings. Then, above the current translation there will be simply nothing.

- Almost any translation can be played back with the correct pronunciation. The speed of dictation can be defined by you in settings of the translator.

- There is a huge amount of languages that are a bit tricky to read correctly for an English-speaker, for example. Therefore, for such languages our translator provides transliteration along with translation. E.g., if you will be translating "Hello" into Chinese, Instant Translate: Translator will yield "你好" as translation and "Nǐ hǎo" as transliteration to get you rid of a conundrum how to read it.

You can also disable showing transliteration in settings of translator in case you don’t need it.

Dictionary, i.e. a lot of synonyms:
- For majority of translations, Instant Translate: Translator will also show a lot of possibilities—divided by parts of speech—how the word can be substituted with analogs.

Translation field:
- Translation field is always sticked to the bottom of the screen, so you will be able to make a translation in any time you are in Instant Translate.

Speak and translate:
- For approximately 40 languages, you can speak instead of writing to translate. Tap on a button, speak and translate!

How to copy translation:
- Just long-tap onto the translation or accordingly original to copy it.

How to delete from history:
- Long-tap on an item to select for deletion. You can select a few at once. Or delete all items at once in settings.

- Instant Translate: Translator is a cross-platform translator app which is available for almost all major platforms.

Internet connection:
- Please, note that Instant Translate: Translator requires the Internet connection to translate something new what’s not saved in the history.

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