3d Total Training DVD Series v1 [Full DVD]

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3d Total Training DVD Series v1 [Full DVD]

3d Total Training DVD Series v1 [Full DVD] | 959 MB

The aim of our training DVD’s is to provide the artist with the most comprehensive set of lessons available. This is achieved by presenting the training material in the form of printable step by step text and images combined with on screen movies and audio instructions.

Section 01 : The Basics
An overview of using the Interface

Section 02 : Modeling
• Creating a Template & Primitive
• Cube into a Head - poly tools
• Extruding a Nose - bevel and inset
• Instancing one Half of the Head
• Cut & Weld - removing Triangles
• Creating Nostrils
• Meshsmooth
• Creating Horns
• Creating Eyes
• Refining & Making whole again
• Applying a Material

Section 03 : Mapping & Unwrapping
• Mapping
• Unwrapping
• Exporting a Template

Section 04 : Texturing
• Painting the Skin
• Shadows and Highlights
• Blemishes
• Bump Map
• Specular Map
• Refining the Diffuse Map
• Painting the Eyes
• Painting the Horns

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