Flight Command (1940)

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Flight Command (1940)

Flight Command (1940)
DVDRip | MKV | 720 x 480 | AVC @ 1900 Kbps | 115 min | 1.69 Gb
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Genre: Drama, War | USA

A rookie flyer, Ens. Alan Drake, joins the famous Hellcats Squadron right out of flight school in Pensacola. He doesn't make a great first impression when he is forced to ditch his airplane and parachute to safety when he arrives at the base but is unable to land due to heavy fog. On his first official outing, his poor shooting skills results in the Hellcats losing an air combat competition. His fellow pilots accept him anyway but they think he's crossed the line when they erroneously conclude that while their CO Billy Gray is away, Drake has an affair with his wife Lorna. Drake is now an outcast and is prepared to resign from the Navy but his extreme heroism in saving Billy Gray's life turns things around.

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Flight Command (1940)

Flight Command (1940)

Director: Frank Borzage
Writer: Wells Root (screen play), Harvey S. Haislip (screen play), Harvey S. Haislip (based on the story by), John Sutherland (based on the story by)
Actors: Robert Taylor, Ruth Hussey, Walter Pidgeon, Paul Kelly
Rated: N/A
Runtime: 115 min

In Flight Command, being a member of the squadron takes over the characters' entire life. They have no identity outside of being a Hellcat, the name of their unit. They socialize and work as a group, wear uniforms constantly, and engage in group think, often sinister, as when they repeatedly reject the hero from admission to their organization.

Even when men are not in uniform in Borzage, they are often dealing with large scale institutions: the labor unions and businesses in Stranded (1935) and Mannequin (1938), the university in The Mortal Storm. People do not live alone in Borzage: they deal with complex institutions and large groups of people to perform their jobs.

And not just men. Especially in his later films, women's lives and work often puts them at the center of institutions: the USO-run hall in Stage Door Canteen, the convent in Till We Meet Again, and Dolly Madison's role as First Lady of the White House in Magnificent Doll (1946). Here in Flight Command, Ruth Hussey has to serve as essentially First Lady of the flight squadron, having a similar quasi-official role as The Skipper's Wife. All of this work is seen as terribly demanding. It causes emotional stress, and also requires major organizational skills, as well as a form of "public living in the world" that is most unusual. Hussey's marriage is no longer a private affair. Both Hussey's husband, and his men, demand that the marriage be shared with the whole unit, and subject to their demands and manipulations. In more comic ways, the canteen has strict rules governing how the women can interact with men in Stage Door Canteen. More sinister again under the surface, but more comic in superficial tone, is the complex way the sisters have to court as a group in Seven Sweethearts, and the way their father interferes in their love life - not a pretty picture. The most intimate details of women's romantic lives become part of some group institution in Borzage.

Institutions in Borzage have infiltrators: outsiders who come in, and try to change it. One thinks of the racketeers who work their way into the labor union in Stranded. And the way the Nazi Party invades the classroom and family of the professor in The Mortal Storm. Both of these infiltrators are evil to the core. By contrast, the hero of Flight Command is placed in the uncomfortable position of being seen as an infiltrator of the squad, by all its members. He is imposed on them against their will by naval higher-ups at the start of the picture. And the suspicion never really stops - he is never genuinely accepted as a member of the unit. Despite all of this, he is not trying to subvert the organization, the way other infiltrators in Borzage sometimes do.

–- The Films of Frank Borzage [Michael E. Grost]

Flight Command (1940)

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