J.A. Martin Photographer (1977) J.A. Martin photographe

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J.A. Martin Photographer (1977) J.A. Martin photographe

J.A. Martin Photographer (1977)
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Genre: Drama

Director: Jean Beaudin
Writers: Jean Beaudin, Marcel Sabourin
Stars: Marcel Sabourin, Monique Mercure, Marthe Thierry

The wife of photographer J.A. Martin decides to go with him in his tour of the hard Canadian countryside at the turn of the century. She hopes the intimacy will revive their marriage.

IMDB - 5 wins

This movie received more than a dozen international awards. J.A. Martin is a photograph who, every year, leaves his wife and children and go on a long tour of rural Québec to meet his clients. But this time, his wife wants to be part of the trip. After 15 years of marriage, it's a good way for them to open themselves to one and other.

The cinematography is superb in this movie. The camera work is fantastic and the picturesque rural Québec is beautiful. The acting is also very good with Marcel Sabourin playing J.A. Martin, a man who doesn't say much and keep everything to himself. Monique Mercure plays his wife. She's more energetic then her husband and she see the occasion to make him talk a little bit more.
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J.A. Martin Photographer (1977) J.A. Martin photographe

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