Shirley Temple - Classic Pack (1933-1939)

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Shirley Temple - Classic Pack (1933-1939)

Shirley Temple - Classic Pack (1933-1939)

DVD Full l 2 iso files l Color, DVD-Video, NTSC l English l Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1 l Run Time: 246 minutes l 2 DVD 3.70 GB each
Studio: PASSPORT l DVD Release Date: October 9, 2007

Passport Video presents "THE SHIRLEY TEMPLE CLASSIC PACK" (Fully Restored/Dolby Digitally Remastered) –- Easily the most famous child star of all time, Shirley Temple kept America entertained through the darkest days of the Great Depression –- This delightful 2-disc selection of eleven rare early shorts and a full-color feature film spans the 1930s and showcases Shirley's truly astonishing talents.

1. Glad Rags To Riches (1932)
2. War babies (1932)
3. Pie-Covered Wagon (1932)
4. Kid In Hollywood (1933)
5. Polly Tix in Washington (1933)
6. Dora's Dunking Doughnuts (1933)
7. Merrily Yours (1933)
8. Kid in Africa (1933)

1. What's To do? (1933)
2. Pardon My Pups (1934)
3. Managed Money (1934)
4. The Little Princess (1939)

Shirley Temple
Date of Birth: 23 April 1928 - Santa Monica, California
Date of Death: Still Living

She got her start in the movies at the age of three and soon progressed to super stardom –- Shirley could do it all: act, sing and dance and all at the age of five –- Shirley Temple was easily the most popular and famous child star of all time –- Fans loved her as she was bright, bouncy and cheerful in her films and they ultimately bought millions of dollars worth of products that had her likeness on them –- When 7-year-old Shirley Temple's life was insured with Lloyd's, the contract stipulated that no benefits would be paid if the child film star met with death or injury while intoxicated –- She was supposed to play Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz (1939), but 20th Century Fox refused to lend her to MGM, so Judy Garland was cast in the role –- She was voted the 38th Greatest Movie Star of all time by Entertainment Weekly –- At the age of 6, she was the youngest presenter at the Oscars ever –- She presented the "Best Actress" award in 1935 –- The winner was Claudette Colbert. –- Was named #18 Actress, The American Film Institutes 50 Greatest Screen Legends –- Dolls, phonograph records, mugs, hats, dresses, whatever it was, if it had her picture on there they bought it –- Shirley was the box-office champion for three straight years, 1936-37-38 –- Shirley Jane Temple (born April 23, 1928) is an iconic American child actress of the 1930's –- She also starred in films as a young adult in the 1940's and 1950's –- She later became a United States Ambassador and diplomat –- She is retired from public life –- We love you Shirley!

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Total Time: 246 mins on DVD ~ Passport Video.

Shirley Temple - Classic Pack (1933-1939)

Shirley Temple - Classic Pack (1933-1939)

Shirley Temple - Classic Pack (1933-1939)


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