Stuff4dudes Yoga 4 Dudes (Video)

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Stuff4dudes Yoga 4 Dudes
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Genre: Fitness

Yoga4Dudes is a presentation of three undoubtedly beautiful girls performing some rather impressive yogic maneuvers, captured on film through the directorial eyes of the quintessentially horny male. The production is unabashedly direct in purpose, proclaiming at every opportunity the fact that it is not a workout video but rather "5,000 years of Hindu tradition…right out the frickin' window!"
The positions the girls assume are diverse and relatively technical. While the "Upward Thrust Makmi Happy," "Really Nice Puja" and "Upward Boodhi," might not be in any yogi masters' tomes, the names do describe the actions taking place rather accurately. While the requisite stretching and leg-spreading is going down, the Yoga4Dudes camera crew does an excellent job focusing on the most appetizing body parts on display, and have some rather quick reflexes on the zoom lens.


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