Secret War (2011)

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Secret War (2011)

Secret War (2011)
DVDRip | MKV | 13 x ~ 0hr 51mn | AVC, ~1,8 Mbps | 720x480 | 13 x ~ 720 MB
English: AC3, 2 ch, 192 Kbps
Subtitles: English
Genre: Documentary | History | War | Series
IMDB Rating: 7.7/10 (18 votes)

Country: UK
Stars: Alisdair Simpson, Jon Wennington, Jo Hedwig Teeuwisse

Profiles of secret operatives for the Allies in World War II.


- Episode 1: The Special Interrogation Group
An enlightening look at WWII spies. The SIG were German-speaking Jewish volunteers from Palestine who posed as Germans to gain vital intelligence.

- Episode 2: Hardy Amies and Operation Ratweek
Lifting the lid on the lesser-known WWII operations. Ratweek was an operation of 'assassinations without trial' in Belgium by the UK's special ops.

- Episode 3: The Mafia Connection
A rare glimpse into the perilous world of wartime espionage. The Americans struck a deal with the Mafia to glean data from the Germans on the Atlantic coast.

- Episode 4: Double Agent Tricycle
The real-life James Bond, daring ladies' man Dusan Popov worked as a double agent, bankrolled by both the Germans and MI6 on his missions.

- Episode 5: The Banker, The Norwegians and The Bomb
The story of Sir Charles Hambro and the two operations - Grouse and Gunnerside - he oversaw that helped stop the Nazis from developing nuclear technology.

- Episode 6: The English Scholar and the Fight for Greece
Monty Woodhouse wrote his name in history by helping to destroy the Gorgopotamos Bridge in 1942, disrupting German supplies in occupied Greece.

- Episode 7: The Dutch Disaster
Operation North Pole was a mission mounted by the Germans that delivered false information to British security services. In all, 47 Allied agents were captured.

- Episode 8: The SAS Italian Job
Acts of courage from World War II. Top SAS man Roy Farran and SOE agent Michael Lees led a bold attack on a German HQ in Italy with a group of misfit partisans.

- Episode 9: The Spymistress and the French Fiasco
Intelligence officer Vera Atkins, said to be the influence for Miss Moneypenny, traced the fate of 118 missing SOE agents after the end of WWII.

- Episode 10: The French Triple Agent
Unshrouding the mystery of WWII espionage. Operation Cockade was meant to unsettle the Nazis, but triple agent Henri Dericourt threw a spanner in the works.

- Episode 11: Christine Granville: Polish Spy
Polish-born SOE agent Christine Granville gathered vital information with the French Resistance and had an incredible confrontation with the Gestapo.

- Episode 12: Agent Garbo
WWII espionage tales. Spanish agent Juan Pujol worked for the Brits while sending misleading information to the Germans - including false details of the Normandy landing.

- Episode 13: The Aristocrat and the Balkan Communists
Fitzroy MacLean was handpicked by Winston Churchill to parachute into Yugoslavia and unite with Tito's Partisans against the Germans.

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Secret War (2011)

Secret War (2011)

Secret War (2011)

Secret War (2011)

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