The Genius of Photography (2007)

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The Genius of Photography (2007)

The Genius of Photography (2007)
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Documentary series exploring the history of photography - from daguerreotype to digital, from portraits to photo-journalism, from art to advertising.

1800-1914: Fixing the Shadows
The Genius of Photography - Episode 1 of 6

This edition begins by looking at how the problem of 'fixing the shadows' was solved by two rival methods in 1839, paving the way for the practical application of what had previously been an abstract idea. It goes on to tell the story of the inventions of photography and how it became an integral part of the modern world.

1918-1945: Documents for Artists
The Genius of Photography - Episode 2 of 6

In the decades following World War I, photography was the central medium of the age. 'Anyone who fails to understand photography,' said the Hungarian artist and photographer Lazlo Moholy-Nagy, 'will be one of the illiterates of the future.' Precise, objective, rational and apparently machine-like, it was used to promote the radical utopia of the Soviet Union and to bring order and clarity to the chaos of Weimar Germany.

While some prized photography for its machine-like qualities, others used it to explore the irrational and the surreal, photography's natural environment. The work of the greatest and most influential modern photographers - including Alexander Rodchenko, August Sander, Man Ray, Eugene Atget, Walker Evans and Bill Brandt - is examined in detail.

Right Place, Right Time
The Genius of Photography - Episode 3 of 6

Being in the right place at the right time'; 'the decisive moment'; 'getting in close' - in the popular imagination, this is photography at its best, a medium that makes viewers eyewitnesses to the moments when history is made. Just how good is photography at making sense of what it records? Is getting in close always better than standing back, and how decisive are the moments that photographers risk their necks to capture?

Set against the backdrop of the Second World War and its aftermath, this episode examines how photographers dealt with dramatic and tragic events like D-Day, the Holocaust and Hiroshima, and the questions their often extraordinary pictures raise about history as seen through the viewfinder.

Paper Movies
The Genius of Photography - Episode 4 of 6

The three decades from the late 1950s onwards were the golden age of photographic journeys, from the road movies of Robert Frank to the grainy street dramas of William Klein, and marks the moment when colour photography became a serious medium for the artistically-ambitious photographer. Includes interviews with Klein, Robert Adams, Joel Sternfeld.

We Are Family
The Genius of Photography - Episode 5 of 6

How the medium translates personal relationships into photographic ones, when strangers, celebrities, lovers and children get fed to the camera. Plus, what happens when photographers turn their cameras on themselves - what they choose to reveal and what do they try to conceal?

Snap Judgements
The Genius of Photography - Episode 6 of 6

A look at the current state of the art, from a three-million-dollar Edward Steichen print to the estimated 29 billion photographs taken in 2006 by phone cameras alone, as well as the impact of digital post-production techniques that make anything possible, and the rediscovery of techniques which take photography back to the 19th century.

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The Genius of Photography (2007)
The Genius of Photography (2007)

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