Today and Tomorrow (2003) Hoy y mañana

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Today and Tomorrow (2003) Hoy y mañana

Today and Tomorrow (2003)
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Genre: Drama

A never ending social and economic crisis has forged the younger generation of middle class Argentinians into street wise survivors. At 24, Paula wants to be an actress, but she knows that time is running out. If she doesn't find her rent money she'll be homeless, with no future at all. She only has 24 hours to find this money and nobody to whom she can ask for help. Trapped by urgency and despair, Paula seriously contemplates becoming a prostitute but even this temporary employment will not provide her with an easy relief.

Is one of the best Argentinian films i have seen in my life, almost a master piece. You should all see it.

Briefly, the story is:

After her gas is cut off, Paula - an aspiring actress - finds her day going from bad to worse. Unable to borrow money from her friends, or from her estranged father, she is then propositioned by the director of her play and loses her job. Needing 300 pesos to pay off her landlord, she turns to an old school friend, now a prostitute, in the hope of getting some cash. The perils she faces through this awful day continue through the night. Will she be able to cope with her new professions? What will tomorrow bring?

Setting it over the course of a single day and night, he manages to weave a series of perilous situations for his central character to overcome. But this is no simple tale of black-and-white morality, or an uplifting fable of hard work overcoming all.
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Today and Tomorrow (2003) Hoy y mañana

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