Ross Jeffries - Speed Seduction 3.0 Deluxe Course

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Ross Jeffries - Speed Seduction 3.0 Deluxe Course

Ross Jeffries - Speed Seduction 3.0 Deluxe Course
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This new course, recorded Sept 2007 in London, presents a model that I consider SS 3.0. Course Contains 11 CDs, 7 DVDs, 4 bonus DVDs and PDFs
The 1.0 version was the original 1993 course that relied on guys doing 90% of the talking with memorized language patterns. 2.0 (since 1997) relied on getting women to do most of the talking and incorporating her answers back into improvised, smaller patterns. It also taught energy and vibe. 3.0 Reduces even more the amount of talking/work you have to do, relies very much on fractionation(including fractionating among 4 vibes). The new applications for fractionation are truly scary. And this course, has massively improved technology for personal improvement, breaking through blocks and barriers, lighting fast learning from even the toughest situations(NYIG), and has some greatly improved opening games and scenarios. I am often asked: are the courses/materials from 1993-97 still workable and valid?
You bet. The basic ideas of capturing and leading the imagination, state control etc will never change. The canned language patterns DO work. What I did in 1993 is still ten times better than any of the PUA crap the imitators and impersonators are pumping out. (Isn't that funny? It's 2008, 15 years later, and these children STILL can't get their imitations of me down right. If they were Vegas acts, they'd get fired for not capturing the original closely enough. You know, some of them do seem like lounge lizards!) But 3.0 is so much more powerful and so more easy and fun. And the personal transformation work just kicks ass so hard.
I have to say, from time to time, I do miss having a big team of people teaching with me. I learned alot with some of these characters. But being on my own has forced me to truly grow into my role as an innovator and a teacher. And you'll like (no, make that LOVE) what I've growed for you!
Get ready…it's coming…..